Laugh and Giggle

FUJIFILM XPRO 2 WITH 35MM VOIGTLANDER NOKTON CLASSIC F/1.4 [click image for larger size]

Coupled Again

FlyByThe couple from my previous post but in a completely different scene. I should explain they are actually my friends and not a couple I’ve decided to stalk!

Short post today, the weather is fantastic and not a day I want to be inside for long… and that is all he wrote.

Comments and queries are always welcome.

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Lane Before The Bridge

DownToMainSt#LightroomI like having a human element in my images. I’m not too sure why if I am honest but I do think it adds a touch of life, like the photo is being lived in. A feeling or sense of oxygen in the lungs, blood in the veins and skin on the bones… yeah, that makes sense.

Now, when people won’t walk through my shot (I know, what a problem to have! Polite people waiting for me to finish. Sometimes I wonder on my own sanity if that’s an issue.) then Boss usually steps into help. What a gal!

What you think? All thoughts, comments, queries and kind words are more than welcome.

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And Over Your Left Shoulder?

BenchBridgeLook#LightroomThis is not the original idea I had for this image but it is a happy accident that I am willing to take some of the credit for.

A pleasant, picturesque seaside shot with slight hints of isolation and claustrophobia combined with an almost malevolent undercurrent (see what I did there?!). What is she looking at, what are you doing to cause her to turn around and where do you run to if things turn south? The icy claws of the unforgiving sea, rather you than me!

More to come from South Queensferry but until then please feel free to comment. All thoughts, critiques, questions, queries  feelings etc … are more than welcome.

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