Slump and The Great City

SlumpTheGreatCityThe never-changing landscape patterned by polished brick and stainless glass combined with bitter, bone chilling winds, rolling concrete roads that stagger with maintenance and a slight world angst can cause a little slump in the inner attitudes of a daytime city dweller. But do not despair life’s great travelers as the sun, the warm and ever-persistent light, is breaking through the bleak to shine onto you. Blinding though it may seem and daunting it can appear what kind of adventure would it be if you didn’t except the first steps it provides?.

Answers should be twenty-five words or less, written on the back of a postcard and posted to a friend. I don’t think people send enough postcards these days!

What you think? All comments, critiques and questions are welcome.

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There is Always Cake

Every now and then I experience that classic artist lull of hating everything that I produce in my personal work (I’m sure I have written about it countless times). Nothing is good enough, everything I have done is nonsense, I should never have ventured down this road in life, blah, blah, blah…. But then I am shown [maybe even reminded] that there is always cake and the little ecstasy of a moments escape, even if that is from myself.

CakeEatersAll The Boss enjoying a delicious Lemon Cheesecake at a wonderful little place called Patisserie Valerie and as for me?? Well I have a huge sweet tooth for just about anything but on that day I opted for something chocolaty…

LetsEatCake… and chocolaty it was!

The next project will come soon, the next idea is brewing, I know that, but now instead of frustration and angst this time I feel I may have a warm sense of calm. A certain freedom to move forward without my own anxieties for a hindrance and although that storm shall always rage on now I feel I have found a boat to ride in…

Course it could also just be all that sugar?!

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Faint Resemblings

FungusCloser#LightroomI was going to write a fungus/fun guy joke but there has been a spate of terrible jokes on this site and I don’t think I can put you good people through another. Bullet dodged right?!?…

A reversed lens macro shot of the folds of a fungus that roll from faint and soft to toughened and ridged. Almost reminds me of the cartilage of an ear.

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Three Little Buds

ThreeBuds#LightroomMuted browns, golden yellows, hinted purples and even a little touch of peach all caught not added. Well not by my mere hand anyway, I wish! Nope I’m just the poor, dopey schmuck who was luckily enough to spot a little beauty from nature.

This reversed lens madness miniature addiction of late certainly is growing… blossoming even… I apologize for the joke but I had to as it made me chuckle and I felt it a good way to round of the post…

Happy Viewing

A Pre-Spring Ramble

HangingLeaf#LightroomThe weather has broken (finally) revealing the signs that spring is on its way (hopefully) so I, accompanied by the Boss and a little dog, took a long and very early spring walk through our doorstep countryside…

Continuing with the technique of Reverse Lensing I decided to go bold and purchase, for the mere sum of 5 pounds Sterling I may add, a Reverse Lensing ring. A simple little piece of kit that allows me to attach the lens to the camera backwards. This gives me all the convenience of a reversed lens without the hassle, or slight dangers, that freelensing can present. I feel a miniature yet building addiction setting in….

…Also, as a little side note, this image has had barely any work done to it at all! A few wee tweaks maybe but the wonderful colours in this image are simply nature and light themselves combining in a magnificent fashion… well I think so anyway

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Little Drops of Rain

GreenLeaf#1#LightroomThe winter winds continue to bash in my front door and the harsh, brittle rain always seems to follow. No rest bite, save a few precious moments that I have stolen to photograph as quickly as my cold, worn hands could snap…

Some more work with the freelensing/reverse lensing technique. I like the dream quality the shallow depth of field has, allowing the focus to be solely on the lingering rain drop. You may actually come to believe that I had planned it…

All thoughts are welcome.

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All Wrapped Up

FeatherTwisted#LightroomSome fun with Reverse/Freelensing.

It’s a simple technique and a fun one at that. Basically you take the lens off your camera, hold it close to body and tilt (up, down, left, right) the lens which adjusts the plain of focus allowing you to play around with the bokeh, the focus, whats in, whats out etc… Lensbaby lenses and tilt-shift lenses will do the same thing but why spend the money on something like that when you can have some instant fun by simply removing the lens!?

This image was achieved by turning my 50mm lens around 180 degrees (so the rear elements of the lens point outwards and the front elements face the body) giving an extreme macro effect. If you want to read more on the subject you can get all the information you need at any of these sites HERE. Now all I need to do is gain a little more control with the technique and the fun can really begin…

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