FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 1600, 1/2000 sec, f/9
[click image for larger size]
I watched a man playing catch with his dog for the better part of ten minutes. Back and forth with a frisbee, the dog chasing, each stride made with such frantic force I thought the dog would lose a limb. It was warm when the sun was out, winter warm so not shorts and t-shirt, just warm enough to consider taking off my top jacket. For some reason this kind of weather always attracts the ‘it’s not warm enough for me to be in short, t-shirts and sandals but the sun is out so I will wear sandals, shorts jumper, body warmer and wooly hat with sunglasses‘ lot, I have never understood them. I counted three in the same ten minute space. I think I shook my head every time I saw one. I don’t know why it bothers me as much as it does. Luckily the catch session was still in play. The repetitive nature of the exercise was soothing, like watching those kinetic balls go back and forth – that feels a slightly menacing way to describe that feeling, oh well, it’s written now – I like to take ten minutes like this, every now and then while out walking, helps me refocus and stay fresh. Also I’m a people watcher and sometimes it is fun to do without snapping away.

As I got up to leave, feeling equal parts refreshed and angered, I walked straight into this scene. I instantly liked the big chunk of light slicing through the concrete, I thought it like a spotlight shining into the small square that this lady was walking through. I also liked how flat the image looked and decided to exaggerate that fact by shooting it straight on. I think it worked.

FUJIFILM XPRO 2 WITH 21MM VOIGTLANDER F/4 [click image for larger size]
I had attempted something similar about a week before, this time using the reflection of the glass next to the street scene, just trying to bring a little interest into my work. Experimenting. And it’s fun. I would say another feather in my cap but I don’t have a cap or feathers and also, I am nowhere near finished with this idea. Like all of my ideas I just try to keep evolving them. Let’s hope that they all come together in the end and help me take the one perfect street photo…. Yeah Right!

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Viewing

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