Urban Noir

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/250 sec, f/13
[click image for larger size]

I have been thinking, recently – a dangerous situation for me as I can easily stray off topic, thinking too many thoughts, too much and all at once. It can lead to a headache, mostly it leads to my acting like a magpie, flittering from one shiny thought to the next – I have been thinking recently about my place in the world of photography and in the genre of street photography. I read randomly, a lot, about the differences in what people consider to be street photography and all the little rules that each individual has put on the idea, like a religion, an entity, that everyone wants to pray to but has a completely different idea of how to do it. And then there are those who don’t wish to be pigeonholed into any type of genre, which, for me, is a near impossibility as people can only survive, currently, with the thought that they know what something is, keeping things in a place that they can know and understand. That’s not a terrible thing all of the time, I mean it is some of the time, when assholes try to force pigeonholes upon people instead of just trying to understand. I mean folks don’t even have to accept it but, at the very least, just try understand.

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/250 sec, f/13
[click image for larger size]
I always thought that I fitted into the pigeonhole of street photography but I am no Dougie Wallace, Martin Parr or Bruce Gilden, I am more removed from the work than they are. I always try to get close but these heavy hitters are part of the work and they are relentless in their pursuit of the truth of the street. Where as I like to make Noir scenes, mostly, out  of the world I see. That’s what I like to do, turn the right world, or reality, into the imagined world of my 1920’s detective fantasy. For instance, take the scene at the start of this post. It’s dark and gloomy, black and moody. I liked the positioning of the buildings, the slice of light, the faintly cinematographic  feel and quality of the overall image with the hero, heroine or villain cutting their way through the scene. It reminds me of all the movie matinees I used to watch as a tired and sick child.

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/250 sec, f/10
[click image for larger size]
I wonder if it is a genre – Urban Noir Street Scenes. I think that is me just reinventing the wheel. I’m sure I will find my place.

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/250 sec, f/13
[click image for larger size]
All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Viewing

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