FUJIFILM XPRO 2 WITH 21MM VOIGTLANDER F/4 [click image for larger size]
Inspiration comes to me in fits and stages, often, and I would say almost exclusively,  during high contrasting light situations. It is where and when I am most comfortable, finding joy in what the light and shadows can throw up in the city. Originally any shadow on a wall would do but the more I look the more I want more that just a pretty shadow. I want to catch something I find visually interesting, something that really draws me in and something that makes me smile. Scotland isn’t always sunny, these past few month especially, so I always carry my camera with me, just in case the moment happens and I want to catch it. Sometimes you have to make your luck.

Each day I like to take time during my lunch from work and wander around, trying to see what I can find. It’s a small area I photograph in which means I am really exploring every little nook and cranny, looking to see what I can find and/or make. The challenge is both exciting and draining.

Original unedited image

This photo comes out of that lunch-rush-work. A combination of a glass reflection and city itself. Shot on the Fuji X-Pro 2 using the 21mm Voigtlander f4 manual focus lens, I was really drawn to the scene by the reflection and the way it was mimicking the city around it but not as an exact, it is almost like the reflection is mocking its surroundings in a playful manner. I snapped a few shots, go my composition, then waited for the right person to walk through the photo. Once that happened I knew I had my winning shot.

In post production all I really wanted to do was up the contrast, give the image a little more pop. A wee tweak of the levels and curves and the image was done.

All thoughts and comments are welcoming.

Happy Viewing

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