Sliced Through

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/125 sec, f/14 [click image for larger size]
FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 3200, 1/125 sec, f/14
[click image for larger size]

I was stuck out in the middle of a traffic island trying to get this shot. It was a fairly busy stretch of road. Buses, cyclists, cars and me all trying to avoid each other but no-one giving up and inch for the others. Was a tad scary, a little exhilarating and greatly rewarding when I finally got the image I wanted.

People are always walking around with their heads down. No eye contact, no conversation and I now feel fairly old stating that. ‘Back in my day, was all different, people spoke to one another, a phone was in the home not attached the hand, blah, blah, blah‘, people spoke to one another but it wasn’t all the great and the good of conversations and I’m certain they still happen now, they just happen in a different ways, shapes and forms. People need to stop yearning for a rose-tinted past that only exists in their childhood memories and start trying to build a better future, me included. Change is usually a good thing. I have thought about changing the appearance of this blog, mix it up and refresh it. I’ll mull it over first but I feel that change is going to come. I wonder what monumental thoughts that are turning through the person’s head as they sidled through the slice of light that is carving up the city? The photo was snapped around lunch time, twelve twenty-five to be specific, so possibly lunch?

Original unedited image
Original unedited image

As you can see the original and the final photos are a little different. Remember I was juggling the remainder of my life and getting the photo, I know heroic right, so I had a little work to do in post processing. Firstly I straightened the image up and then I cropped in a little tighter. Once I had the size and angle set I started adjusting the levels and curves. I wanted the final image to have an overall darker feel, with a higher, more contrasted look than the original. Once I had that done I felt the image was complete, ready to share.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Viewing

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