Glittering Backdrop

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 1000, 1/250 sec, f/3.6 [click image for larger size]
FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 1000, 1/250 sec, f/3.6
[click image for larger size]

I woke up early on the first Sunday morning of October and headed into town. I had not gotten a lot of photography time earlier on in the week, a few snaps each day but nothing I liked. The light had been too flat and when it wasn’t flat, it was fleeting but I had seen that Sunday was going to be a bright one so I decided to make the most of it.

Dawn was looming as I got off the bus. I wandered the length of the city and as the sun came up I simply started to photograph what I thought was interesting; the little rays of morning light that were bouncing around, the big cuts of shadows chopping up parts of the town, the pools of reflections that littered the ground and the people with all their little eccentricities. Sunday can be a strange crowd. It is a fun and freeing feeling to shoot unabashed and without hesitation. I believe it is one of the great things about shooting for yourself. No one else has to be pleased with the outcome.

Original unedited image
Original unedited image

The edit for the piece was another simple one. Darken down the blacks, which helped remove the detailed in the outermost parts of the image, and then I dodged a little in the highlights, a little colour tweak and the image was done.

All thoughts and comments are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing

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