Ride On

FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 800, 1/500 sec, f/14 [click image for larger size]
FUJIFILM X100T @23mm, ISO 800, 1/500 sec, f/14
[click image for larger size]

Not the image I thought I was gonna post today but it is the one I have settled on.

This image was taken at the start of a stint of long photography days. I get itchy when I don’t use my camera everyday but unfortunately, due to my working nature, I can’t always get, or afford myself, the time to do so. As a way to bring a balance to this I set aside a few days during a little holiday time, to photograph, all day long and IT. WAS. BLISS!

Original unedited image
Original unedited image

The image was originally photographed in colour but upon review I thought that it would be much more stronger in black and white. I tend to start my photography day photographing in either colour or black and white with the intention of keeping the images in either one or the other format but there are always exceptions to rules and I figure, why have a rule if you can’t break it every now and then? Before adjusting the image I converted it to black and white. I then set about heightening the contrast in the image, a little dodging and burning, I reduced the glare off the metal shutter, added a little grain to finish and I felt the photo was complete.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Viewing

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