Head Up

FUJIFILM X70 @ 18mm, ISO 800, 1/250sec, f/16

For almost half my life I have lived with a chronic disease called Crohn’s Disease [for more information on Crohn’s Disease please click HERE]. I don’t often, in fact almost never, talk about my condition for many reasons but mainly as I don’t want to be viewed as just the illness. Having something like photography in my life forces me to get out into the world, even when I feel a little low or nervous about leaving the house (I also have a very understanding and loving partner/ family who help in every way they possibly can). There are days were I can’t move because of fatigue or pain, which can lead to frustration, especially when I see a day unfold through the window that I could have used but living with the condition has taught me to use my time better, for example while at work I now use my lunch break to practice my photography. The time restriction of 30/40 minutes means I focus on exactly what I want to photograph. As I can’t travel too far (due to the time limitations) I am being forced to become more inventive with the city around me, closely studying my surroundings to find a scene that interests me. Now I don’t always come away with an image I like but it keeps my eyes sharp and if I don’t find something interesting, I know I can always return later.

HighVis#2     BigCityReflection#1      SpottedReflection#1

Here are a few images from my lunchtime walkabouts. For full size, click on the image(s).

All thoughts and comments are welcome.

Happy Viewing

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