Looking Forward:New Horizons

FUJIFILM X100S @ 23mm, ISO 800, 1/500sec, f/16
FUJIFILM X100S @ 23mm, ISO 800, 1/500sec, f/16

After the endings there is beginnings.

I always hoped this blog/ site would be, in some way, a reflection of my best work, and to some extend myself. So as I move forward with my work, developing as a photographer and as a person, I must continue to develop this blog/ site also.

So, with all of that, and the aim of development in mind, I will be updating (and by updating I mean changing) my site address. For all of you from the WordPress community and to all of you that followed, liked, commented, re-blogged, emailed, participated, shared and more, I thank you for your kind words and continued support. You have helped shape and inspire me along my photographic journey. The site address will be changed within a few days of this post. The new address will be sharpstreetshooter.wordpress.com along with a new contact email address, graeme.sharpstreetshooter@outlook.com so if you have any questions, queries or comments you can contact me directly through that email address.

As always please feel free to leave ask any questions or leave any comments.

Happy Viewing

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