iTales of The Deep

River#1As the old Pier crumbles, leaving only its tired, aged legs as a remembrance, new posterity is building on the horizon…

I have been overindulging in Noir Films recently both old and new and I must admit (as if you don’t already know) that it is having a major influence in my work… even more than it used to.

I saw this scene and instantly thought, “I could hide a body in there and no one would know…“, I didn’t…honest! I just took the photo, saved the directions to the location and mapped out a route to reverse a car in without being seen but that is all!

SPOILER ALERT: There is actually a figure standing at the end of the pier; a faint figure of a person looking out over the water. It is a sculpture. Who sculpted it or why it is out there I am not sure of, but I like the slight eeriness it lends the scene.

All thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Happy Viewing.

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