All in Light (a.k.a Where there is light…)

UpMixThe previous post may have seemed a little cryptic…or maybe not…but let me explain…

The idea spawned from watching silent movies. As the writing sections kept popping up an idea slowly sprang to life, ‘I could hang my images, my scenes, together using the very same technique…?…‘ . So I tried it, I am trying it, a way to hang all the composing images together, using their titles or captions as a way of keeping the viewer informed of what has happened or is about to happen. We will see how the idea evolves…

All thoughts and comments are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing

2 thoughts on “All in Light (a.k.a Where there is light…)”

  1. Excellent idea. Wonderful series. Reminds me of Nosferatu & the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – just started watching Penny Dreadful same vein. 🙂

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