Lines Left Unanswered…

CrossedLinesWhen I see a photo, or the beginnings of one, I stop, with no warning, so I can survey the scene, process the settings and compose the photo, as it unfolds before me. Boss, (pictured above) on the other hand, can wander on for sometime before the realization of a missing Wally sets in! Now in the past this has sometimes led to a severe tongue lashing followed by some light earache but every now and then it can work to great advantage, as this photo shows. Now the only question I have is… is this still Street photography?

The photo is natural and unposed, I did not manipulate it in any way, shape or form. Boss stopped and waited in this position without any coaxing or direction from me but if she had not been with me then this photo would never have happened. I would have waited for the human element to exist in the image but then that would be a very different photo indeed, so does that mean that this one is almost staged or faked? Maybe faked is a bit strong but can I really call it Street? All answers and/or comments are welcome!

Happy Viewing

12 thoughts on “Lines Left Unanswered…”

  1. I think it’s fantastic! No, not “faked”. It is still street photography, because it is not posed or planned, but it’s good that you let the viewer in on some of the background… thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Superb composition. Very powerful image. You constructed a very memorable & eye catching reality full of ambiguity & emotion.

  3. This is a compelling photo however you choose to define it. But your words imply that you feel in order to be street photography it must be completely unplanned and spontaneous, left entirely to chance, as it were. Boss was with you and that gives you doubts. However, on those occasions when you have “waited for the human element to exist in the image,” how do you not know that providence or the fates did not summon and arrange for human characters to intersect with you and your camera at a specific place and specific moment? Perhaps street photography is not as unplanned as you think. These are my thoughts on this day. The bottom line is that this photo is a great visual story either way.

    1. I have thought on this comment for a while as on the day I read it your comment took me completely by surprise and I realize that maybe I do plan my photos a lot more than I previously thought. I will wait for a long time at a scene till I feel that the right human element exist within my photos. Sometimes that is the first one and other times that is the fifty first one! I guess that because Boss with me it just sped up the whole process…Thank you very much!

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