Waiting on A Jet Plane

20130726-165906.jpgSo it’s fair to say it has been a little quiet on the Wally front! Yes, yes it has but there are good reasons for such and maybe I should explain…

I mentioned a while back that both a new chapter and a holiday were on the horizon for me and both those things have now came to fruition! The new chapter is a job that I am very much enjoying but being the superstitious Wally I am I don’t want to mention too much about it and the holiday, well that was awesome!

A couple of friends of Boss got married in Sorrento, Italy and although the words I have chosen to describe this wonderful city will always pale in comparison to the fantastic memories I have of it please, bear with me. The city itself is easily traversed, plenty of pleasant walking (well for the most part) with a bottle of water. It was excellently warm (a huge understatement!) with such beautiful scenery, both organic and synthetic, especially the old town with its tall, colourful buildings and busy market stalls but I must admit I am a little bias as I do love me an old town! All in all a great place, one which I was lucky to visit and even more so as I got to witness two people, who are very much in love, come together in a beautiful union. I wish them all the best in their long and happy future together!

Now the explanation is over we can get on with the photos. This one is an iPhone snap at the airport, not my favorite place but a necessary one if you wish to fly! More to follow and if it gets too much please just let me know!

All comments, critiques and questions are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing 

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