PeakI watched the casting shadows dancing with the wind. The patches of light, a vivid mix of grey tones, and the almost symmetrical nature the surroundings was hypnotic and instantly interesting. Seeing the point at the end of the road I knew that the image was almost complete. All that was require was a little balance and seasoning, which the man adds very neatly indeed.

I have been running a 35mm double exposure project in the background, a little bit of fun and something I enjoy but recently it has come to an abrupt halt. The last four films that have been processed have come up blank and it has started to become a little frustrating! I am unsure of what or where I am going wrong but any information or ideas anyone has on the subject would be more than appreciated.

As always comments are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing

9 thoughts on “Peaked”

  1. Nice image. Are you exposing down a stop for each double exposure? Having said that, it shouldn’t make enough difference for two exposures on the film to turn it blank.

    1. Thank you. Sorry I should have mentioned my set up. I’m using a Zenit LC-A with a mix of both old an new film. All film is iso200 but I’m setting the camera at 400 an using it on automatic running the film through twice. That sound about right??

  2. This may sound dumb, but is the camera working properly? Have you used it or the old film prior to your project with good success? Is the aperture working correctly and the shutter firing? Are the light seals in the camera good?

    1. Not a dumb question at all:) it was purchased in good faith being reassured it was fully operational with results to prove it but I am starting to believe that just maybe the camera is kaputt!

  3. I like this image a lot, but initially, I was not sure I agreed with you about the figure. I thought you would still have had a great capture without him. However, after looking at it a bit more, you are right, of course. He does add to the composition and narrative. Kind regards.

    1. When I first found the scene I too liked it without the person but as I composed the photo I felt that as a whole it didn’t feel balanced, mainly because there is only one black poll at the end of the lane and I felt the image lent too heavily towards it. I took serval photos while he walked away and this seemed to fit the best:) that and I do enjoy a human element:) thank you, I always enjoy the thoughts of others!

      1. Thank you for the explanation about your compositional decision. I totally understand and agree. Please excuse this late reply. Happy photographing!

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