RedSign#ColourThere are elements of this image I am unsure of but they are over powered by the mix of architecture, color and the big, cutting segment of light that dissects the image, slicing the tension of the dark… all of this I like!

A little injection of colour today. It has been a while but I felt that this image was much stronger in colour than in black and white, something about the primary colours I think, the blue, the red and the yellow all in such close proximity to one another. It makes me wonder… if it was to rain in the image, would the colours all start to bleed and blend together to make a technicolor wonder of a scene?

Also as a little thank you to all you constant, and more recent followers out there, I thought I would post another street scene. The setting may look familiar but that is only because it is.

TrianglesSquares#4#ColourAll thoughts and comments are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing

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