Lane Before The Bridge

DownToMainSt#LightroomI like having a human element in my images. I’m not too sure why if I am honest but I do think it adds a touch of life, like the photo is being lived in. A feeling or sense of oxygen in the lungs, blood in the veins and skin on the bones… yeah, that makes sense.

Now, when people won’t walk through my shot (I know, what a problem to have! Polite people waiting for me to finish. Sometimes I wonder on my own sanity if that’s an issue.) then Boss usually steps into help. What a gal!

What you think? All thoughts, comments, queries and kind words are more than welcome.

Happy Viewing


5 thoughts on “Lane Before The Bridge”

  1. Some day I am going to go out and purposely attempt to take photos with a human element. It will be a day like no other. Until then I know I can enjoy and be inspired by your work.

  2. I completely agree with you, Astra…
    besides adding more visual clues about a time / place I think we are just naturally ‘drawn’ to a human element (something I wish I was effectively able to do more of)…
    very nicely done, sir!

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