Step Into the Shadows

ShadowedSteps#LightroomI have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.’
My Shadow – Robert Louis Stevenson

I have been a little quiet recently, for that I can only apologize! It has been a little… lets say… hectic (close enough) behind the scenes here but things are now back on track… ish. Nothing serious or life threatening just life itself and the things that it can throw at you. As a bonus though I managed to pick myself up a little camera I have wanted for a long time. The Fuji X100.

Now I know that the camera does not make the photographer and it shouldn’t matter what you use but I have wanted the camera ever since I first clapped eyes on it! Aesthetically its beautiful and technically a dream to work with. There are hiccups, some with the camera and some with me but they are ones I can see past (the cameras hiccups not mine, mine I need to work on). It is causing me to work a little harder for the images I want and, so far, it is fitting in well with my slowed down approach. This is still the honeymoon period however, so I need to wait and see what the future holds! That’s enough swooning for one day, “Get to the image already!

I have had this image in mind for a while now but I was never really satisfied with any of my previous attempts. They were really haphazard, rushed and nothing like I had pictured but persistence pays off and now I have an image I am proud of. Dark and rich with a nice bit of grain.

That was a little longer than expected!

All thoughts and comments welcome.

Happy Viewing

8 thoughts on “Step Into the Shadows”

  1. Nice one AW. Your studied approach is working for you. Have fun with that x100. I understand the attraction to the design, wouldn’t mind one myself.

    1. Thank you DG, I feel more at ease with the approach. Yeah she is a beauty! I am hoping it will be a long and fulfilling relationship:)

  2. This photo is gorgeous. I am a still-beginning photographer and looking for a new camera. Let us know how you get on with it. If your image is a sample, I want one, too, but, of course, I do not have your skill or talent. Best Wishes.

    1. Hi and thank you for your kind words. I will indeed let you know how it fares, seems to suit me, my style and what I like to shoot so its very so far so good. I hope you get one you like! Best Wishes.

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