20130328-132012.jpgQuick little post and from my phone no less! Although not a great step in the grand scheme of things I feel it is a little win for me.

While out walking the little puppy we came across these wee peepers glaring out from under leafy cover. Now my first reaction was, “peanuts (image a slightly more graphic word)! and me without my camera!”. Then a second and slightly more uncommon flash whiplashed across my mind, “use your smart phone you Wally!”. So I reached for my phone, snapped a few shots from different angles and then converted a couple of them using some free post processing apps. This one is the winner. I like it but a part of me feels like I shouldn’t because it was made using my phone… Does that make sense?

I have seen some fantastic iPhoneography work and the artists who choose this as a media are very creative with it. I think/ feel it’s more to do with my own hang ups that I have badgered myself into believing but in saying that this may just be the break through I need!

Best go now, I said this would be quick and standing in the woods freezing while writing on my phone over a pair of buried eyes is not the best of looks…

All thoughts and comments are wanted and welcome!

Happy viewing

2 thoughts on “Eyephoneography”

  1. Did you get the feeling you were being watched? LOL Great shot. Reminds me of the photos you were doing when I first found your blog, whatever you happened to stumble onto as it was becoming one with the earth.

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