Stairs #2

Stairs #2In my previous post I mentioned very, very briefly that I had been waiting patiently for the image to form and this image is very much in the same vain.

I have started to calm down in my normal working process and instead of finding a space I like, snapping a few shots and wandering off I find myself wandering around in it [the space], examining it, looking at the possibilities and angles and general allowing myself to become a part of the space’s environment. Then when I have a frame/shot I like all I have to do is wait for the right people to walk into the right spaces and voilà a photo is made! It really doesn’t take that long before it all falls together nicely and I really enjoy the process. I mean, I don’t think I will ever let go of the snap, walk, snap a bit more and walk a bit more approach, It’s fun and I enjoy exploring new spaces but I like the whole process of stopping, slowing down, composing, creating and making (scratched that middle one, too god-like even for my ego!) the image. It seems to fit with my lackadaisical (an actual word! Who knew?) nature and it allows me to be more creative with my images. Well that’s the idea anyway!

All thoughts are welcome, feel free to voice them.

Happy Viewing

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