Alleyway #6

alleyway Waiting patiently for the image to form is stating to pay off…

Well once again the snow has struck my little part of the world causing a blanket of white to coat the ground and bring everything shuttering to a halt.  Honestly you think we’d be better prepared or equipped to handle a wee bitty snow, I mean it’s not like it’s new to us! But I feel my slightly bitter tone is less to do with the snow and the situation it can cause and more to do with the fact that I’m a little groggy from man flu (it exists… ok so I maybe being a tad extreme, it’s a fair cop, but everyone should be used to that by now!!) and can’t go out to play in it!… Although I did manage to snap a few shots yesterday as part of a double exposure project I am attempting so not a total loss… also that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone…

The image above was taken just under a week ago, before the snow hit, and is part of my ever continuing process to make great street photography! I feel I am progressing but still a ways off where I want to be. I fear that, that feeling, will always be with me but if it keeps me pushing myself to learn and make then I welcome it… NAE, I relish it!

All questions, critiques, comments or thoughts are always welcome.

Happy Viewing


4 thoughts on “Alleyway #6”

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like it. I do enjoy it myself:) That large building in the background is actually Edinburgh Castle. She is a might piece of architecture isn’t she?!;)

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