A Pre-Spring Ramble

HangingLeaf#LightroomThe weather has broken (finally) revealing the signs that spring is on its way (hopefully) so I, accompanied by the Boss and a little dog, took a long and very early spring walk through our doorstep countryside…

Continuing with the technique of Reverse Lensing I decided to go bold and purchase, for the mere sum of 5 pounds Sterling I may add, a Reverse Lensing ring. A simple little piece of kit that allows me to attach the lens to the camera backwards. This gives me all the convenience of a reversed lens without the hassle, or slight dangers, that freelensing can present. I feel a miniature yet building addiction setting in….

…Also, as a little side note, this image has had barely any work done to it at all! A few wee tweaks maybe but the wonderful colours in this image are simply nature and light themselves combining in a magnificent fashion… well I think so anyway

Happy Viewing

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