All Wrapped Up

FeatherTwisted#LightroomSome fun with Reverse/Freelensing.

It’s a simple technique and a fun one at that. Basically you take the lens off your camera, hold it close to body and tilt (up, down, left, right) the lens which adjusts the plain of focus allowing you to play around with the bokeh, the focus, whats in, whats out etc… Lensbaby lenses and tilt-shift lenses will do the same thing but why spend the money on something like that when you can have some instant fun by simply removing the lens!?

This image was achieved by turning my 50mm lens around 180 degrees (so the rear elements of the lens point outwards and the front elements face the body) giving an extreme macro effect. If you want to read more on the subject you can get all the information you need at any of these sites HERE. Now all I need to do is gain a little more control with the technique and the fun can really begin…

Happy Viewing

3 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up”

  1. Now that is very interesting. A fascinating result as well.
    Thanks for the information & example. 🙂

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